Mother’s love.

I don’t know why you keep mixing honey with vinegar

Everytime I taste your love

My lips bleed for days

& for years, I tried to fit in

It kept lighten me until I dive too far

I was so into you that it made me live out of me

You taught me well

To serve your wounds

Everything that was hurting you, inside

I tried to save you, Mama

But I was loosing me, myself and I in the process

Why aren’t you able to see the obviouness ?

Why can’t you stand that you could be wrong ?

Aren’t you made of human flesh ?

Aren’t you dying ?

Aren’t you loosing the child to whom you gave life ?

Are you a fool, Mama ?

Your tragedy make me sad

I’m helpless

Forced to love you from a distance

You’re a disappointment

Thickheaded to keep your vulnerabilty afar

Cause now, for both of us,

your intimacy is mortal

And we know, Mama, that you are too.


Une réflexion sur “Mother’s love.

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