We crave for.


We crave for attention, love and acceptance

And even though we won’t admit it,

Our body can’t deny it

He speaks loudly what the mind’s hiding

Each time we experience reject, ignorance and hate

So our soul keeps walking next to our path

And claiming we’re real, big and pious enough

But no, really, you’re not

And all the stuff that surrounds you expresses this nonsense

You keep looking for that thing which can solve your mystery

Missing out what’s inside you

Shining in the dark

Putted there by the Master of this life and next

I’m not talking about truth but reality

About light but obscurity

And beyond all of that, I’m lost in translation

Cause I don’t know what we’re waiting for

Someone that will love us more than we do ?

As if we need that signal to accept our flesh ?

A sign that will guide us into the storm ?

Or Kafka himself who will knock at our door to kick us out ?

I really don’t know why we’re acting like fools

Hurting ourselves and the people we claim to love

The love of the self is a poetry

Writed by God before our nativity

A key to His acknowledgement through our own

A path to love the universe

And this romance doesn’t allow any bully

Especially when it’s the soul who bully herself,

Who bully herself.



1 commentaire

  1. WOW !
    No way! In how many languages can you write so well ?!?
    « The love of the self is a poetry » so powerful…
    I only know you from your words, dear sister, but I love you in Allah, your soul & my souls are sisters. So glad that I found a muslima’s soul like mine, thought it would never happen. Thank you.
    Wa salam.

    Aimé par 1 personne

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